Incredible: English fans left the pitch early and missed Bellingham’s goal

Incredible: English fans left the pitch early and missed Bellingham’s goal
Incredible: English fans left the pitch early and missed Bellingham’s goal

Football always brings surprises and the European Championship was no exception. In the agonizing triumph of England about Slovakia What happened was what often happens: he who gives up gets no reward.

Those who were at the Veltins-Arena experienced a match that was more like something out of a Hollywood movie. Except for the ending, of course, because one of the tournament’s Cinderella teams, Slovakia, was left without a chance against England, despite having played a great game.

The Eastern European team won with a goal from Scharnz, advantage that it maintained until the 95th minute, when a Chilean half of Bellingham collapsed the Slovak dream.

But the strangest thing of all was not the poor performance of one of the tournament candidates but rather that several of his fans missed their team’s comeback by preferring to leave the stadium early. Some had no return but others ran back when they heard the goal shout and were able to enjoy the comeback in extra time..

You have to fight until the end. Always.

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Chilean, agonizing and epic goal for England in the Euro Cup

The football team of England was on the verge of elimination, but with a goal at the end of the game and another in extra time they defeated Slovakia 2-1 and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Eurocup.

The Slovaks had taken the lead 25 minutes into the first half when winger Ivan Schranz He defined very well against the resistance of the English goalkeeper Jordan Pickfordafter a very good assistance from the forward David Strelec.

It seemed that Slovakia I was going to give the biggest blow in this Eurocup, but at 94 minutes he appeared Jude Bellingham with a tremendous Chilean to force extra time.

The front Harry Kanefinally, managed to stamp the final 2-1 in the first minute of extra time of the match that was played in the Veltins Arena in the city of Gelsenkirchen and that had the Turkish referee Umut Meler.

In the quarter-finals, the English will face Switzerland, who created a surprise by eliminating Italy, the last champion of the competition.

During extra time, the Slovaks tried their best to equalise, but they were unable to do so and ended up empty-handed.

England had reached the round of 16 after finishing first in Group C, the result of the victory over Serbia and the draws against Denmark and Slovenia.

The Slovaks, for their part, had placed themselves among the 16 best in the tournament after advancing as third in Group E, in which the peculiarity was that all its members finished with four points and it had to be defined by goal difference .


The English thus remain in the race for their first Euro title, which has historically eluded them. The closest they came to winning it was in 2021, when they lost on penalties to Italy at the legendary Wembley Stadium.

Their opponent in the quarter-finals will be Switzerland, who eliminated Italy with a clear 2-0 victory on Saturday.

The match will take place next Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf, with a capacity of 54,600 spectators.

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