200 candidates for parliament have resigned to stop Marine Le Pen’s far right

200 candidates for parliament have resigned to stop Marine Le Pen’s far right
200 candidates for parliament have resigned to stop Marine Le Pen’s far right

“The only ones who can obtain an absolute majority are the National Regrouping. This must be prevented”the centre-right prime minister said on Tuesday, Gabriel Attal. This statement is in line with President Emmanuel’s call Macron to put together a ““broad alliance, clearly Democratic and Republican”.

The rise to power of the extreme right, for the first time since the Liberation of France from the occupation of Nazi Germany in 1945would add a new country to the European Union (EU) governed by this trend, such as Italy.

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Far-right leader Marine Le Pen.


The strategy promoted by some sectors is to avoid the dispersion of the vote against the extreme right and to lower the candidates that did not fare well.

In the second round of voting on Sunday 7 July, 577 deputies will be elected in France. According to some local media, the RN could win between 250 and 300 seats. If it were to win at least 289, it would achieve the majority so feared by some Republicans.

Last Sunday, the far-right party RN won the first round with 33% of votes and set off alarm bells for centre-left political forces. The left-wing coalition New Popular Front (NFP) was left behind with 28.1%. In third place, far behind, was President Macron’s party, Renaissance, with 20.7%.

Macron calls for a “broad alliance” against the far right in France

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Behind the RN’s resounding victory in the European elections in France On June 9, Macron, whose mandate ends in 2027, decided to bring forward the legislative elections to June 30, in an attempt to dampen the trend in favor of the extreme right.

“In front of RN, the time has come for a broad alliance, clearly democratic and republicanfor the second round,” he said. Macron in a written statement, stressing that the “high participation” in the elections attests to a “desire to clarify the political situation”.

The French government’s statement called on candidates who finished third to put aside their aspirations and abandon the electoral competition “in favor of candidates [de otros partidos] that are in a position to defeat AN and with whom we share the essential: the values ​​of the Republic.”

The presidential message is a watershed with the far-right group, but it is also for those candidates of France Insoumise, left-wing party of the New Popular Front, whom they will not support. “The New Popular Front is paying for its alliance with France Insoumise, a party known for its anti-republican provocations,” the statement said.

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