Vladimir Putin sees the Taliban as allies in the fight against terrorism

Vladimir Putin sees the Taliban as allies in the fight against terrorism
Vladimir Putin sees the Taliban as allies in the fight against terrorism

He Russian President Vladimir Putinhe said this Thursday at the session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that the Taliban jihadists in power in Afghanistan are “allies in the fight against terrorism.”

“We must assume that the Taliban exercise power in their country. And in this sense they are, obviously, our allies in the fight against terrorism, because any authority is interested in the stability of the state it governs,” Putin said at a press conference in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

“I’m sure the Taliban also have an interest in keeping things stable in Afghanistan”declared the president who has been conciliatory towards the country since the return of the Islamist group to power in August 2021.

He also noted that the Taliban government “made some commitments” but that there are still “issues that need constant attention within the country and by the international community.”

Putin takes Donald Trump’s desire to end the war in Ukraine “very seriously”

During his speech, Kremlin leader again blames West for war which has been taking place in Ukraine since February 2022. He also said that Russia is ready to freeze the conflict if kyiv and its supporters accept Moscow’s conditions for talks.

When asked about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks regarding the armed conflict, Putin said he took Trump’s desire to “stop the war in Ukraine” “very seriously.” In this regard, the Russian leader said that he is not fully aware of his proposals, but he has no doubt that “he is speaking sincerely.”

He also stated that the government is “not indifferent” to what is happening in USA given that It is a major power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council.. “They have a lot of influence on the situation in Ukraine,” he pointed.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping meet in Kazakhstan to boost influence in Central Asia

He Chinese President Xi Jinpingand his Russian counterpart spoke on the second and final day of the summit Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)a club created in 2001 by Russia, China and Central Asian countries that now includes India, Iran and Pakistan.

Despite their differences, both leaders seek to increase their influence and put efforts into enhance political, economic and security cooperation among countries in the region to confront Western alliances.

“SCO members should consolidate unity and jointly oppose external interference in the face of real challenges of interference and division,” Xi was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency, warning against the West’s “Cold War mentality.”

For its part, Putin reiterated Russia’s call for “a new architecture of cooperation, indivisible security and development in Eurasia”designed to replace the outdated Eurocentric and Euro-Atlantic models, which granted unilateral advantages only to certain States.”

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