Gas leak led to closure at Bindermichl and traffic jams in Linz

Gas leak led to closure at Bindermichl and traffic jams in Linz
Gas leak led to closure at Bindermichl and traffic jams in Linz

Professional firefighters and employees of Linz AG were on duty for hours.

Drivers needed strong nerves on Thursday evening in the rush hour: Due to a roadblock at Bindermichl, there were significant traffic delays in the city of Linz. The reason for this was a damaged gas line. An excavator had caused the damage during construction work around midday. The professional fire brigade of the city of Linz was called out at around 1 p.m. with 15 men and four vehicles.

Residents evacuated

“The escaping gas was detectable in the area of ​​three surrounding residential buildings and also partially in the sewer system,” reported the operations management. The area had to be cordoned off for safety reasons, according to Linz AG. Residents of one building had to leave their homes. The police closed several streets, including the Mühlkreisautobahn in the area of ​​the Muldenstraße on- and off-ramp. The closure has now been lifted, Asfinag said at around 5 p.m. in response to an OÖN query, and the traffic jams are slowly clearing up.

Hours of use

During the repair work, the power was turned off in the affected residential buildings, said a spokeswoman for Linz AG. The power supply was restored late Thursday afternoon. “Until the gas leak was sealed, control measurements were carried out repeatedly and the fire protection on site
secured,” said the professional fire brigade, which was able to complete its operation after four and a half hours.

Localization: Three residential buildings at Bindermichl were affected

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