Guillermo Domenech hopes that Daniel Salinas will be part of the Cabildo Abierto formula

Guillermo Domenech hopes that Daniel Salinas will be part of the Cabildo Abierto formula
Guillermo Domenech hopes that Daniel Salinas will be part of the Cabildo Abierto formula

The senator ruled out the possibility of participating in the presidential ticket and said that he is betting on younger politicians.


The senator Guillermo Domenech He assured that he has not lost hope that Daniel Salinas You are part of the presidential formula of Town meeting and completely ruled out the possibility of him being part of it, stressing the importance of introducing younger politicians into the government.

After Álvaro Delgado has considered the possibility that the former Minister of Health forms part of the presidential formula for the National Party, Domenech said he still has hopes that Salinas will support Guido Manini Ríos in the October elections, despite the enmity between the two politicians.

“What I would like most is that Daniel Salinas was a candidate for Town meeting“I have said this many times, and I still have hope, perhaps a little faint, that he will take up the banner of Cabildo Abierto. I only hope that Salinas will be a candidate for Cabildo,” he remarked to Teledoce.

However, Domenech’s hopes seem to be increasingly distant because yesterday Salinas announced his candidacy for president of the College of Physicians with a force opposed to the current mandate of the oncologist. Lucia Delgado, who leads List 7 and won the elections in August 2021. The elections there will be held on August 29.

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Far from the candidacy

Regarding the possibility of being the one to accompany Manini Rios on the presidential ticket as vice president, as he did in 2019, Domenech assured that it is not in his plans. “We have to designate a candidate for vice president, and I have been asked if I am a candidate: I am not a candidate, I am convinced that the parties need to renew themselves,” he said.

“I am betting on renewal in all areas. In recent days I have even wondered if there is no need for some veterans to give up space so that young people can appear,” he added.

Regarding the possible names being considered within the party, he commented: “I cannot mention names because it is a way of frustrating candidacies. There are young men and women who I believe have all the conditions to be the vice-presidential candidates.”

“Some of the names we are considering are from the column to which I belong and others come from other groups or are independent people within the Council,” he explained and, regarding the possibility of it being someone outside of politics, he added: “No, I wish we could come up with someone from outside of politics because they are very good.”

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