Negotiations between Mercosur and the United Arab Emirates begin with significant progress

Negotiations between Mercosur and the United Arab Emirates begin with significant progress
Negotiations between Mercosur and the United Arab Emirates begin with significant progress

He Mercosur and United Arab Emirates concluded with “a favorable outlook” the first round of negotiations to advance a trade agreement, a few days before the Summit of Heads of State in Assumption, where Uruguay will receive the pro tempore presidency.

The Paraguayan Foreign Ministry He stressed that there had been “significant progress” following the talks that began on Tuesday and ended on Friday, under the coordination of that country, with experts from the delegations of the nations of the bloc, which aims to expand its scope.

“Intense negotiation sessions were held by technical groups on Market Access for Goods, Rules of Origin, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Technical Barriers to Trade and Services,” the neighboring country said about the review and analysis of the texts under negotiation with the country of Middle East.

Both delegations agreed to “maintain intersessional work virtually” with the aim of concluding negotiations this year.

Trade with the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates It is an attractive destination for Uruguayan meats, Although it also constitutes a “very relevant” commercial partner for the Mercosur, with a “great potential for trade expansion,” according to the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry.

The total trade volume reported in 2023 a balance of trade positive for the regional bloc, when registering exports for 3.5 billion dollars and some imports for 1.6 billion.

Among the potentials, Mercosur could expand external sales of products such as beef, corn, sugar, chicken meat and wheat, Some of them are relevant in Uruguay.

Bolivia’s entry and Milei’s absence

Bolivia formally joined the Mercosur after the president Luis Arce promulgate the law approved by the Congress, After which the president will participate in the summit in Asunción this Monday.

“It is a very historic moment for Bolivia, for the productive sectors and for the Bolivians who live and are part of Mercosur. It is a dream come true for many years,” said the Bolivian chancellor, Celinda Sosa.

In parallel, the absence of the president of Argentina will be notable at the meeting, Javier Milei. From Brazil they considered that the “no-show” is “politically regrettable”, amid questions about the possibility of the president meeting in Brazil with the former head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, adversary of Lula da Silva.

The Paraguayan chancellor said something similar in an elliptical way, Ruben Ramirez, who maintained that Mercosur “is not an ideological bloc” and clarified that “the main objective is integration among different views.”

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