Joe Biden asked the Democratic Party to support his candidacy

Joe Biden asked the Democratic Party to support his candidacy
Joe Biden asked the Democratic Party to support his candidacy

In the last days, Joe Biden – current president of the United States – is in the center of public debate. It is that the Democratic candidate had a poor performance in its First debate with Donald Trumpwhich increased rumours about a possible resignation from representing his party.

However, after what happened Biden reaffirmed his intentions to compete and seeks to increase its support. This Monday, the candidate for reelection asked the Democratic Congressmen – meeting in Washington – that “join” about his candidacy: “It’s time to unite, move forward as a unified party and defeat Donald Trump.“, he concluded in a letter to parliamentarians.

Is Biden’s candidacy at risk?

The US president signed a letter on Monday in which he asked Democratic congressmen, gathered in Washington for a parliamentary session, to “unite” around his candidacy. The request came amid a weakening of his image following his failed debate with Republican Donald Trump ten days ago.

I am firmly determined to continue in the race“, wrote the president who will have 86 years old at the end of a hypothetical second presidential term. “It is time to unite, move forward as a unified party and defeat Donald Trump“, he said in the letter to the parliamentarians.

cover the economist biden.webp

After the debate, The Economist’s cover against Joe Biden.

The Economist

In recent days, the pressure on the Democrat’s candidacy has grown noticeably. Last Tuesday, the Representative from Texas, Lloyd Doggettbecame the first lawmaker to break ranks and demand that Biden step aside from the presidential race.

After this, in total Five congressmen publicly called on Biden to step down. This Sunday the list was expanded after Four lawmakers – including two high-ranking Democratic representatives Jerrold Nadler and Adam Smith – said on a call with key party figures that it was time for Biden to drop out of the race, The New York Times and Politico reported, citing sources familiar with the conversation. In addition, leading party figures are calling for more openness and Details on the President’s health and mental state.

Biden’s performance in the presidential debate

After a presidential debate in which he looked lost, slow and not very clever, unlike his rival Donald Trump, Biden seeks to stop the bleeding of support in his presidential race. “You probably heard that I had a little debate last week. I can’t say it was my best performance.but there has been a lot of speculation since then. What is Joe going to do? Is he going to stay in the race? What is he going to do? Well, here’s my answer. I’m going to run and I’m going to win again“, the president reaffirmed last Friday.

The debate was just one more act in a series of events that are worrying the public debate – especially among Democrats – around the current President’s health. Just a few weeks ago, Biden was He looked lost during an event held at the White House.

Biden static.mp4

On June 12, Biden was left “frozen” during an event at the White House.


However, the Democratic leader continues with his electoral campaign. After the first post-debate interview, Biden resumed his election campaign this Sunday and assured voters that he was prepared for the grueling fight that awaits him.I will beat Trump“, he claimed.

The Democratic president remained defiant on his tour of the state Pennsylvania, one of the key states facing November, first in a Pentecostal church predominantly African American in Philadelphia, then in an office of his Campaign and then in a union demonstration. Arriving in Harrisburg, the state capital, the Reporters asked Biden if the Democratic Party supported himto which the president smiled and He answered loudly: “Yes.

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