Ukraine: Ramelow welcomes Orban’s talks with Russia and China

Top politicians across Europe are criticizing the Hungarian prime minister for his so-called “peace mission” in Moscow and Beijing. The Left Party prime minister of Thuringia, on the other hand, thinks the plan is exactly right.

Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow has welcomed the talks of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on a possible ceasefire in Ukraine. “It is necessary to enter into talks with all powers that can contribute to a peace process,” the Left Party politician told star.

Germany and the EU must admit that their previous strategy has failed, explained Ramelow. “Europe has so far only tried to get China on its side, but that obviously hasn’t worked.”

The Thuringian head of government rejected the criticism that Orban was using the Hungarian EU Council Presidency to put himself in the spotlight. “This is not about style,” said Ramelow. “It’s about the person who represents Europe engaging in unconventional dialogue with everyone who is needed for a ceasefire.”

Ramelow: Arms deliveries to Ukraine should continue

Ramelow nevertheless spoke out in favor of continuing to supply weapons to Ukraine for the time being. “At the moment we are obliged to keep our promises,” he said. “Peace will not be achieved by no longer supplying weapons to one party while the other party uses its weapons without restraint.”

The Prime Minister stated that a ceasefire could be “only the beginning of a new European peace order including Russia.” Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and has been waging a war of conquest ever since.

Orban was received by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday. The Hungarian head of government described the meeting as part of a “peace mission”. On Monday he travelled to Beijing to talk to head of state and party leader Xi Jinping.

Source: Stern

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