Dairy export turnover fell 13% year-on-year in June

Dairy export turnover fell 13% year-on-year in June
Dairy export turnover fell 13% year-on-year in June

During the month of June the exports of the dairy sector had a year-on-year drop of 13% compared to their billing, While the volumes of whole milk powder were the only ones that suffered a decline, the other products saw an increase of up to 49%.

According to the latest report of the National Milk Institute (Inale) Export sales fell in June compared to the same period, driven by whole milk powder and cheese.

While, Brazil It remains the destination par excellence for Uruguayan dairy products with 43% of placements, followed by Algeria with 20%, Mexico with 4% and Chili and Venezuela with 3%.

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Significant drops in billing

With a negative balance of 13%, in the month of June a billing of 60.6 million dollars, while the cumulative figure for the first half of this year was 385.3 million dollars.

As for products, the one that suffered the most from the loss of turnover was the whole milk powder with a 17% year-on-year drop and a turnover of 38 million dollars. This is followed by cheeses with a 2% drop and a turnover of 5.2 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the skimmed milk powder saw a 21% year-on-year increase with total monthly sales of $5.8 million, while butter also achieved a 3% increase with sales in June of $5.2 million.

Increase in volumes

While whole milk powder suffered a 10% drop in volume and turnover, skimmed milk experienced a 49% year-on-year increase with a total of 1,997 tonnes sold.

Cheese and butter, on the other hand, also saw an increase of 3% and 4%, respectively. The former managed to export a total of 1,083 tons while a total of 899 tons of butter were sold abroad.

Dairy imports in Brazil hit a one-year low

Imports of dairy of Brazil fell by 23% in May and hit a 12-month low. According to Comex Stat data published by Milkpoint, a total of 146.3 million litres of milk equivalent were imported, the lowest volume in the past 12 months.

Among the products that saw the biggest drop was whole milk powder with 31% of the decline and the skimmed milk powder with a drop of 38%.

Meanwhile, other products also showed a decline, although to a lesser extent. These include yogurt and mayonnaise. However, dulce de leche saw a 12% increase during the month of May.

This situation is due to the fact that dairy product prices within the South American giant have strengthened, making the purchase of imported products more competitive. This result corresponds to Brazil’s intentions to strengthen the domestic market, which corresponds to the request of the dairy sector in that country.

Although the data for the month of May are not good news for the Uruguay, Milkpoint says that in the next 2 to 3 months, imports could see an increase. One of the reasons is the expectation that the amount of supply from the Argentina and Uruguay.

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