NATO summit: USA to station new weapons systems in Germany

NATO summit: USA to station new weapons systems in Germany
NATO summit: USA to station new weapons systems in Germany

It is a result of the NATO summit: The USA wants to station long-range weapons in Germany again. Provided that President Trump does not intervene.

The USA is strengthening military deterrence to protect NATO partners in Europe. To this end, Tomahawk cruise missiles and other long-range weapons are to be temporarily stationed in Germany from 2026, according to a joint statement by the USA and Germany published on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington.

Also mentioned were SM-6 anti-aircraft missiles and newly developed supersonic weapons “which have a significantly longer range than current land-based systems in Europe”.

The cruise missiles, like the German Taurus weapon system, are capable of penetrating deep into enemy territory at low altitudes and destroying important targets. These can include command posts, bunkers and radar systems. The Tomahawk is deployed from ships or submarines, while the Taurus is launched from aircraft.

Russia’s attack strengthens NATO cohesion

Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, US President Joe Biden has increased the troop presence in Germany and Europe in order to better protect NATO territory. Biden repeatedly assures that the United States is unwaveringly committed to its obligations in the military alliance and will defend every inch of NATO territory. But with a change of power in the White House, that could change.

NATO summit: USA to station cruise missiles and new supersonic weapons in Germany

Is the media going crazy in the case of Joe Biden?


Former Republican President Donald Trump wants to run again as his party’s candidate in the November election and move back into the White House. During his term in office (2017 to 2021), Trump threatened to withdraw the USA from NATO and repeatedly railed against what he considered to be too low defense spending by European allies. In the current election campaign, he repeated these accusations and threatened to stop providing American protection to NATO countries that did not meet their financial obligations.

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