43-year-old threatened to kill mother in Vienna: arrested

43-year-old threatened to kill mother in Vienna: arrested
43-year-old threatened to kill mother in Vienna: arrested

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The 62-year-old woman managed to escape and alert the police. Officers from the WEGA arrived and had to subdue the man with a taser because he also approached them with the knife, the state police directorate reported.

“He challenged the officers to a fight,” police spokesman Markus Dittrich told APA on Thursday afternoon. After the officers prevented him from doing so with an electroshock weapon, the 43-year-old was arrested. In addition, a restraining order against entering and approaching the area and a temporary weapons ban were issued.

The man probably has a bit of an alcohol problem. According to the mother’s account, he consumed a lot of gin before the tense scenes, then entered her room and started to dismantle the furniture. He then threatened to kill her, holding a knife in his hand, which he may have also turned on himself at times. In the course of further investigations, the man’s mental state will probably have to be clarified in order to determine whether he is guilty.

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