New forest manager Matthias Raschka wants to help shape 33,000 hectares of forest

The head of the forestry service at the Rohrbach district authority has an overview of 33,000 hectares of forest. At the beginning of the year, Matthias Raschka, who was born in Altenfelden, took over this task. He succeeds Martin Polli, who started his well-deserved retirement. “It is important to me to work for forest conservation and forest management, which is in the public interest, and to play a part in the forest development of the district. With the principle: as much customer service as possible and only as much bureaucracy as necessary,” says happily Raschka about his new tasks.

Foresters with local knowledge

“With the activity in the district of Rohrbach, Raschka is taking over the supervision of 33,000 hectares of forest, which is subject to forest authority monitoring in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Act. He is supported by a team of extremely professional and area-knowledgeable foresters: district chief forester Rupert Fartacek (responsible for the northern part of the district), district forester Erich Haubenberger (eastern part) and district forester Sebastian Köppl (western part)”, says District Commissioner Wilbirg Mitterlehner about her new forest manager.

New forest manager Matthias Raschka wants to help shape 33,000 hectares of forestNew forest manager Matthias Raschka wants to help shape 33,000 hectares of forest

Popular Bohemian Forest school

A special concern of Matthias Raschka is the Bohemian Forest School, where he has been working as a forest educator for over 20 years. “The Bohemian Forest School should enable children, young people and adults, from the region and beyond, to experience the forest up close with all their senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling”, he explains. Information on seminars and guided tours in the “Forest Classroom” is available at

The district authority Rohrbach in their function as forest authority and in particular the forest technical service serve to ensure the diverse effects and services of the forest. In addition to the production of the CO2-neutral, renewable raw material wood and the habitat for the animal and plant world, the forest also protects against natural hazards such as landslides, avalanches and rockfalls. It has a balancing effect on the climate, cleans the air, stores water and is also a valuable place for those seeking relaxation. The forest service has to do a very wide range of tasks and protect many interests.

Source: Nachrichten

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