Gmundners supply each other with electricity

For a few months there has been the possibility of founding energy communities in Austria. Anyone can take part: municipalities, companies, private households or associations. However, owners of photovoltaic systems or other forms of renewable electricity production must be present. And they must be connected by a single substation.

Significantly lower network fee

Some supply electricity and receive more in return than if they fed it into the grid. The others buy the electricity and pay less for it than if they bought it from outside. This is made possible by the Renewable Energy Expansion Act, which ensures that renewable energy communities pay less grid fees. Because all participants are connected to the same substation, they put less strain on the network infrastructure. The aim of the law is for more photovoltaic systems to be built and for Austria to achieve the energy transition by 2030 as planned.

The municipality of Gmunden itself becomes a member of the energy community and is already planning the construction of numerous PV systems. The technology center, the Salzkammergut shopping park (SEP) and the business initiative have already expressed an interest in participating. Above all, the city invites private households to participate. “The more balanced the balance between electricity production and consumption can be kept within the community, the greater the financial benefit for everyone,” says Martina Prechtl-Grundnig (Greens), Chairwoman of the Committee on Energy and Sustainability. “Of course, all participants keep the existing contracts with their previous electricity suppliers. They will still purchase additional electricity.”

Mayor Stefan Krapf is happy about the initiative. “In this way we not only make a contribution to climate protection,” he says. “At a time when people are as polarized as they are today, a project that brings people together is particularly valuable.”

The municipality and the climate and energy model region of Traunstein (KEM) will prepare the founding of the energy community in the coming months. There will then be an information event in March or April for anyone interested in participating.

Source: Nachrichten

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