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BYMA held the 7th edition of the Ringing the Bell for Gender Equality

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Last Friday, with the aim of promote equality between men and women in the local business and stock market environment, Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets (BYMA) carried out the seventh edition of the Ringing the Bell for Gender Equality, in commemoration of “International Women’s Day”, which was on March 8.

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This is the seventh edition of this initiative that is held in March in more than 100 Stock Markets around the world, and was carried out virtually by BYMA in cooperation with IDB INVEST, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), UN Women and Global Compact. It was attended by almost 300 people, who shared a space for dialogue on innovation, technological change and education in the digital age to achieve greater gender equality.

Technology, education in the digital age to achieve gender equality and the women empowerment They were central themes in the meeting. Moderated by Claudio Zuchovicki, Secretary General of the FIAB and Director of BYMA, the meeting was attended by Patricia Pomies, Global Chief Operating Officer of Globant; Gabriela Terminielli, director of BYMA, and Gonzalo Pascual Merlo, CEO of the organization.

The Globant reference offered her vision on the current and future scenario, the opportunities that are opening up and what to take into account to take advantage of them. He highlighted that “curiosity, wanting to be in uncomfortable places and surrounding myself with people who know much more than me” were key elements for positioning him in leadership positions.

The keys to female leadership

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In turn, she highlighted the role of communities of professional women in which, according to what she said: “I met other women who faced the same issues as me when thinking about career development for the coming years.”

He also highlighted that the current scenario of women in the IT industry “shows a growing trend”, since there are more and more women programming, in technology, engineering, biology and mathematics. However, she warned that “there is still no parity.”

And he highlighted the importance of inspirational roles. “There are many women leaders who are trying to change realities,” she said, in addition to emphasizing the importance of each woman choosing the place she wants to occupy in any sphere. “One she can transform realities in any field of life, she does not have to be COO, CEO or leader”, she pointed out in this regard.

For his part, Terminielli expressed himself on the importance of the activities that give visibility to the theme and that they transmit the message that “it is possible”, and that it is a matter of making decisions. “We are questioning people so that they really see the opportunity and summoning men because it is not just a women’s issue,” she stated.

Women at BYMA

In this sense, he explained the work that the Stock Market has been carrying out to promote equality in the ecosystemhighlighting that women are the ones who are currently leading key areas of BYMA such as Innovation, Products and Corporate Governance, among others.

While Pascual Merlo focused on the commitment assumed by BYMA in this regard. “As the Stock Exchange, we have the possibility of being multipliers and facilitators of sustainability in Argentina, not only for the field of finance, but also for the Argentine corporate ecosystem in general,” he stated.

And he added that, beyond the internal management that they carry out, they work on developments that promote that all the actors evolve in terms of equality. And he emphasized: “To achieve significant changes, it is necessary to make the basis of dialogue, reflection, conversation and exchange of different points of view”.

Source: Ambito

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