Which are the sectors within the technology industry that pay the most salary increases

Which are the sectors within the technology industry that pay the most salary increases

WTW presented the survey carried out by its Talent Management and Compensation team on Salaries and Benefits for the Technology, Media and Gaming market. It was carried out between March 20 and April 20 and the sample included 94 companies.

The WTW Compensation and Benefits Survey for the TMG and Fintech market announced that it projects an 89% -on average- annual salary increase for the sector. Within the sub-industries, it was highlighted that both fintech and e-commerce will have a greater increase that amounts to 97%.

The survey also indicated that for the first half of the year it is estimated that the increase will be 41% for the entire industry. It was also explained that “the budgets will be reviewed between three to four instances throughout the year Monetary benefits (lunch, internet payment -home office-, daycare)”.

The values ​​will be updated between two and four times during the year. “This is in accordance with the salary adjustments that the companies will provide. In terms of prevalence, the most remarkable thing is childcare benefit. There are 53% of companies that grant it, this percentage includes companies reached by law and those that are not,” it was detailed.

Regarding the “rotation”, The results of the WTW Compensation and Benefits Survey highlighted that there was a significant drop of 11 points compared to 2021. In 2022, the turnover level was an average of 27% according to the formula used by WTW (the formula used to standardize the entire market since each company calculates it differently).

“The rate of discharges by segment occurs more in the sectors of consulting, ecommerce and fintech. This occurs because these segments tend to have large masses of development teams made up of profiles linked to developers, architects, team leaders, product owners, testing, automation. Positions that commanded the highest prevalence of turnover in recent years because they are the most required by the market “, he explained.

When asked why is the employee leaving? the conclusion was that the common denominator has to do with a salary increase or an improvement in the value proposition among the main reasons why people decided to change jobs or seek new paths.

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