The financial dollar bounced $7 after scoring two losses in a row

The financial dollar bounced $7 after scoring two losses in a row

In that context, the CCL dollar -operated with the GD30 bond in the Price-Time Priority segment or PPTrose $7.64 to $441.64. Indeed, the spread with the officer was located in the 93.3%. In turn, the dollar CCL SENEBI -bilateral negotiation- gave up $3 to $450.

For his part, he dollar MEP or Bag -operated with the GD30 bond in the market PPTit rose $5.07 to $436.09. So, the gap with the officer reached the 90.8%. At the same time, the dollar MEP SENEBI advanced $3 to $443.

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In the caves, meanwhile, the blue dollar increased $1 to $472, so the gap exchange came to 106.6%.

In a attempt to calm the marketthe talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for renegotiate current goals and advance disbursements of a credit agreement for some US$44,000 million.

“The BCRA ended the day with purchases for 1 million dollarsin a wheel with greater import demand and with energy import payments for 40 million dollars,” said Gustavo Quintana of PR Change Brokers.

The international reserves they sank below US$34,000 million according to provisional data, the lowest since the second half of 2016, compared to negative net reserves according to the forecasts of private analysts.

Meanwhile, the Argentine public debt averaged an increase of 0.7% with interest in dollarized parities, together with a JP.Morgan country risk with 12 basis point dropto 2,506 units.

Source: Ambito

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