Fixed term: how much you can earn if you invest $100,000 with the new interest rate

Fixed term: how much you can earn if you invest $100,000 with the new interest rate

In this context, with the new rise in rates, traditional time deposits will pay off 8.08% per month on deposits maturing in 30 days.

For her part, the effective annual rate (TEA) of a fixed term of these characteristics will be 154% per year. According to the BCRA, the minimum amount to invest is $1000.

Fixed term: how much can you earn if you invest $100,000?

With the new nominal annual rate (TNA) at 97%, the fixed terms will yield as follows:

– If a fixed term of $100,000 is made for 30 days, at the end of the term an interest of $8,080 will be added to the initial amount. That is, you will receive $108,080.

– If at the end of that period, you opt for a new fixed term for 30 days with the $108,080 previously obtained, at the end of the term you will receive $116,806.40.

On the other hand, if the placement of $100,000 is made for 60 days, at the end of the period the saver would obtain $116,160 in interest.

It is noteworthy that the monthly average is also below April’s inflation, which was 8.4%.

Market impact

This is the fourth rate hike carried out by the BCRA this year, although it did not do so monthly as in 2022, but rather the last three adjustments were arranged in the course of less than a month, with differences of one or two weeks from each other. . The previous one was made just 14 days ago, when it brought the nominal annual yield of the fixed term to 91% through an adjustment of 1,000 points, the highest made by this management, with a TEA of 141% and a monthly yield of 7.5% This measure was taken in a context of high exchange rate volatility in parallel dollars and in the face of inflation of 7.7% in March.

There is no doubt that the strong nominal value of the economy is forcing the Central Bank to raise rates more and more regularly and with more force than it had been doing. The inflationary evolution demands an increasing effort from him to try to keep them positive with respect to inflation, but, even so, every time he raised it, he fell short or tied that index. In fact, the new 8% yield lags behind April’s 8.4% price index, though it beats March’s 7.7%.

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