Payments with QR: the mandatory interoperability between wallets is postponed for 45 days

Payments with QR: the mandatory interoperability between wallets is postponed for 45 days
August 31, 2023 – 16:37

In September, the requirement to be able to pay with credit cards from any provider from all virtual wallets came into effect. Why was the implementation delayed?

This Friday, September 1, the entry into force of the QR code interoperability to collect with Credit cards, as provided by Communication “A” 7769 of the Central Bank (BCRA). However, the measure was postponed due to 45 days corridos (until October 16).

This was established at the board meeting of the Central this Thursday and everything indicates that it is due to the difficulty of one of the providers to comply with the implementation times of the standard, which requested the delay because it alleged difficulties in resolving operational problems.

A statement from BCRA In this regard, he recalled that the aforementioned rule established that businesses that display a QR code to collect with Credit cards must accept that customers can perform the payments with any virtual wallet interoperable, regardless of brand of the QR code.

The purpose of the measure was improve the payment experience for people since up to now the interoperability was limited to payments with transfer (PCT). When the new measure is implemented, after reading a QR codethe user will be able to choose whether to pay he will use PCT or credit cardwithout the need to change digital wallet to make the payment.

However, we will have to wait for this to become a reality, given that, as he learned Ambitone of the virtual wallet operators, presumably, Market Paymentwhich is the main player in this market, would not have managed to adapt its systems to implement interoperability on the date established by the BCRA.

Source: Ambito

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