The Cedear that does not stop rising during the year: it has already sixfolded its value in 9 months

The Cedear that does not stop rising during the year: it has already sixfolded its value in 9 months
September 27, 2023 – 19:54

This is a company that has climbed 529% so far this year. The strong rise in the CCL added to the boom in Artificial Intelligence gave excellent returns.

Cedears became an alternative to dollarize savings, but, in addition, this year they are giving juicy returns. An example of this is Nvidia, a company that designs graphics processing units, which has risen no less than 529% so far this year.

This company, without a doubt, became the great workhorse of 2023. The company registers one of the highest profits in the year. The causes of the rise of this Cedear not only lie in the boom of Artificial Intelligence but also that it is recovering part of the lost ground in 2022 where it accumulated a drop of more than 40%.

Last year a series of events occurred that affected the company’s performance: was an excess of stock on the plates, in addition to the restrictions that the US placed on China to market its products, and the conflicts with crypto mining.

However, The greening of AI made Nvidia a key player in the first half of the year. A report from CB Insights showed that, currently, Nvidia has about 95% of the GPU market for machine learning.

This is the branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing algorithms and models that allow computers to learn and improve their performance. It is key in tools like ChatGPT.

How to invest in the company from Argentina

In Argentina, it is possible to invest in Nvidia quickly and easily. It only takes open a client account in a brokerage company and Cedears (Argentine Certificates of Deposit) can be acquired.

Cedears are instruments that allow you to buy foreign shares, such as those of Nvidia that are listed on NASDAQ, but they are traded in Argentine pesos (BCBA: NVDA) and follow the evolution of the CCL dollar.

This offers the possibility of evading the Argentine risk and, at the same time, hedging against possible sudden changes in the exchange rate. You can invest from some virtual wallets such as Ualaor through different Alycs such as IOL Invest Online, Banza, PPIamong other.

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