CCL dollar reaches $900 for the first time

CCL dollar reaches $900 for the first time

He dollar “Cash with Settlement” (CCL) rises again This Wednesday, October 4, marks a new historical record to the exceed $900 for the first time, despite having slowed progress. Meanwhile, the MEP dollar jump almost $20 after also registering a new high. This happens within the framework of a persistent process of portfolio dollarization by way of coverage less than three weeks from presidential election.

In that framework, the CCL dollar keep it up $60.12 (+7.2%) to $897.92 and write down 12 uploads in a row. Thus, the gap with the officer he positions himself in 156.5%. He new nominal record reached in this wheel was $902.83.

For his part, the MEP dollar climbs $25.28 (+3.5%) until $745.90. As a consequence, the spread with the exchange rate is located in a 113.1%maximums from August 19, 2022. This exchange rate marked a new high when it touched the $751.59.

“The distance with the choice (there are still eleven wheels) and the marked deterioration of political expectations makes us think that It is highly probable that these maximums will be exceeded.”said Personal Investment Portfolio –PPI-.

Skyrocketing financial dollars: what’s happening?

The dollarizations of wallets as a cover They put strong pressure on financial dollars in view of growing political and economic doubts to few weeks of the presidential election.

Argentina is going through a difficult situation marked by a high level of inflationa high Tax expenditure and limited reserves in it central bank (BCRA), at times when The entity intervenes with forces in the bond market for mitigate currency depreciation in alternative exchange segments.

“Considering the challenging context that the Argentine economy faces, to which is also added the electoral uncertaintya much of the investment community consider that take refuge in dollars is usually a good way to protect savings,” said IOL Invertironline.

Argentines will go to the polls on next October 22in the midst of a growing uncertainty after a even result among the three main candidates in past primaries.

Javier Mileiwhich proposes dollarizing the economy and eliminating the central bank, was the winner in the August elections, narrowly beating the current Minister of Economy and official candidate, Sergio Massaalready the center-right candidate Patricia Bullrich.

Regarding the blue dollar, an operator stated that “the blue market is still smallbut since there are no suppliers of the currency and there are buyers present, the value continues to rise.”

Meanwhile, the currency in the interbank segment remains balanced in $350.05 by official decision, with the participation of the BCRA through foreign exchange buying and selling interventions on the market for regulate liquidity.

How much is the dollar trading at today, Wednesday, October 4

He wholesale dollar operates at $350.05value that BCRA seeks to sustain until the end of October.

Meanwhile, the Qatar dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY taxa 45% deductible of the Income and Personal Property Tax, and a new perception of 5% on account of Personal Property – is listed at $660.60.

In mid-August, the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) arranged a 25% reduction at 5% in the perception of Personal Assets which applies to consumption abroad with debit and credit cards exceeding the $300 monthly per person. Thus, the call Qatar dollar It was no longer the most expensive exchange rate on the market.

Quote of Dolar blue today, Wednesday, October 4

He blue dollar sells for $845according to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

For its part, the crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar quotes in the $895.40, based on average across local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

Price of the tourist dollar today, Wednesday, October 4

He tourist dollar or cardand savings (or solidarity) dollar -which include 30% of the COUNTRY TAX + 45% of the Earnings Perception– mark the $642.25.

Source: Ambito

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