What is NVMe technology, the so-called “the accessible revolution”

Over time, the SSD became faster and faster, the cost dropped, but you always had to sacrifice some quality to incorporate this much faster, much more agile and more robust technology: sacrifice some capacity or pay a little more.

Later, new technologies appeared to increase the performance of SSDs, that’s when we went from the old and beloved SATA port (which is the same one compatible with mechanical disks) and new interfaces were introduced: PCI Express NVMe, which are interfaces with a lot of lower latency, with a much higher performance potential of up to 10 times more than a conventional SSD, out of scale compared to the old mechanical drives, but again that dilemma arose: Do I want performance or do I want capacity?

You had to choose if you wanted 3500MB / s and go for a smaller drive to balance the cost, neglecting a higher capacity SATA SSD. It is a dilemma, which many users faced: lGamers debated whether maximum performance or a lot of space to save more games; on the other hand, the professionals were between opting for maximum speed to edit video or maximum capacity to edit videos. That was the dilemma. Today, everyone knows that an SSD is superior in all aspects, that the prices are much more accessible, and the issue today is settled between a SATA SSD or an NVMe SSD.

Therefore, today we are facing a new type of technology, technological advance is not always upwards, but sometimes it is enough to deliver sufficient performance at a cost and capacity level that meets all expectations for a user, and that say: “This is the combination that best serves me”, and that it be an attractive and productive type of product for my work, it does not go through going to the top of the line but meeting the requirements of good capacity, good performance and a good price: that’s where the Kingston NV1 comes in, what we call the accessible revolutionIt is a new type of unit in which we use an NVme interface, I can have very good performance levels and the best: at the same price as a SATA SSD. I no longer have to choose between performance or capacity, I can have both.

The NV1 what it has again is its price-performance ratio, thanks to the huge improvements in the controllers and chips of NAND QLC. This is going to mark a technological change, with which one stops sacrificing and does not have to opt for one or the other capacity, what’s more, I can have a unit of up to 2 TB with speeds of 2100 MB / s at an affordable price. In terms of durability, it is very similar to what an A400 would be but with much higher performance, which are all advantages compared to staying on SATA technology.

The other characteristic that makes this happen at this time, beyond the fact that technologically it is made possible by the low technology NAND Flash, is that the rest of the industry facilitates the adoption of this type of technology, by including an NVMe slot that accepts this type of storage units in almost 90% of the motherboards sold in the market, both on AMD platforms. like Intel.

On the mobile equipment side, this trend is also booming, notebooks, mini PCs, all in one, many computers already come with the slot (called M.2) for this type of unit, and in many cases they even already come equipped with this technology but with lower capacities and what users do is upgrade to size 500GB, 1TB or 2TB. In this sense, in a very short time absolutely all the computer equipment that is sold in the market will be able to accept a unit of this type.

It is to highlight that, beyond the performance record taking all the headlines, in practice for the vast majority of users the sweet spot The ideal product is in a very good balance between performance at cruising speed, capacity and price, which is where the market with the most volume turns, and it is here where this type of product comes to meet the demand of the user who is driven Due to the current demands to adapt, but not for that reason, your spending has to be higher than your needs. Meeting these expectations with a product of the quality of the Kingston NV1 will make it one of the most popular of these times to come.

NV1 is intended as an entry-level product, it is intended to reach a very broad audience that is upgrading their laptop or pc and that no longer has to choose between capacity or performance. NV1 allows to have a very respectable performance of the NVMe class, we are talking about the order of 2100 MB / s of transfer, which is at least four times faster than a conventional SATA SSD. With this SSD you can achieve a better performance and have a very good capacity at an identical cost to an A400 that is today the best seller. That is the true value proposition that NV1 has and that we believe is going to have a very large adoption as people start to learn about it.

Kingston Technology Manager for SSA.

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