Cultural diversity in SMEs: training increases the assets of the company

The variety in language, artistic manifestations, rituals, meals, ways of connecting, problems and ways of solving, are transferred to the SME, and It is a great opportunity to take it as part of the SME heritage.

The presence of cultural diversity in our companies makes it necessary to acquire tools, measure ourselves and train ourselves on diversity issues. Enable safe spaces so that diversity can manifest and communicate among employees.

The training, sensitization and training that SMEs receive in this area allows us to improve biases, exercise tolerance and thus, re-link ourselves with another with whom we share a team.

The support is external, we have several consulting firms at this time accompanying SMEs in their cultural transformation.

The benefits of a diverse SME are many, but they all boost the business: improves risk strategy, analysis and measurement, forms innovative, creative and talented teams, improves its products and services attracting diverse clients, improves decision making, builds an inclusive environment that improves the organizational climate, improves productivity, your results and profitability.

The first step is to make the decision to incorporate diversity as a business strategy, we have more cultural diversity in our SME than we think, measure ourselves, know it, value it and manage it.

The way of managing diversity is to think of it as a harvest cycle, which finally sows productive and profitable SMEs that work for a society that is respectful and committed to all its members.

Director of an SME and advisor in promoting diversity, labor inclusion and well-being. Instagram: @anahi_tagliani

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