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Should you invest in shares of companies listed on the stock market?

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Latin America is going through a moment of vulnerability in terms of finances and investing is one of the options (important and urgent) that each investor evaluates.

Latin America is going through a moment of vulnerability in Finance and investing matter It is one of the options (important and urgent) that each investor evaluates.

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Those people who manage their own investments often use the well-known discount brokers, mostly in the US and Europe. This type of financial entity has the great advantage of providing its clients with direct access to the market and allowing them to operate financial assets with zero or very low costs and commissions, without the intermediation of advisers/sellers who do not add value.

The discount brokers They are similar to traditional brokers in their structure, but by avoiding the commercial ones, they allow investors, or new independent investors, to carry out purchase/sale operations with zero commission for various types of titles, tiny price differences in the purchase and sale of bonds, as well as the rebate on the cost of many financial services.

Therefore, this new generation of retail investors, somehow “independent” and without advice, are the ones who, sometimes even for fun, invest through the famous Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade and other discount- very popular brokers

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However, when making decisions and minimizing risks, caution must be exercised and have a diversified and global investment portfolio, that is, multi-currency, multi-items and multi-country in order to cushion eventual market falls as a result of specific crises. catastrophes and other unexpected events that may occur.

For this reason, for some years now, the recommendation of personal finance experts is to invest in stocks, not only because of the potential gains they can generate compared to other alternatives, but also because they are a great tool to counteract the effects of inflation. . But it is also more than important to have a professional and objective second opinion at all times, which prevents the investor from making emotional decisions, which is very common when they manage alone.

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