Keys to understand why the job offer of many companies is not attractive in the market

Keys to understand why the job offer of many companies is not attractive in the market

We are going through a job context in which most companies are reluctant to understand Why is there no longer a row of male or female candidates? waiting to join their teams.

The rules of the professional labor market are changing. And the speed of this transformation places us at headhunters in the responsibility of communicating what are the new dynamics to which organizations should pay attention.


Faced with a new scenario in which there are not many applicants in most of the calls, some of the responses of plant leaders, with more than 30 years in the market and that entered when the jobs were still being searched for in the newspaper, are usually the following:

  • “How can it be that the employer brand does not attract them”
  • “We should have more than 100 people interested in this position who meet the exclusions and the desirables”

However, this does not happen.

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Faced with the obvious “talent shortage”the departments of Human Resources must face a unavoidable reality: the brand -by itself- ceased to be one of the main drivers for professionals to decide a change.

in these difficult conversations, the role of the headhunters is essentialsince the consultants, who are in charge of the profile searchesthey can add value and unlock jointsranking among the interests of companies and candidates.

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To successfully meet the challenge posed by the talent shortagewe propose 5 exercises that will allow Reverse the situation and give a light hope to the production lineswho are eager for qualified profiles:

This first activity consists of three parts, which include powerful questions from within the company:

  • How is the candidate seduced? Knowing that surely 90% of the profiles come from hunting and are fully employed
  • What is being offered to you that is different from what you already have?
  • How to understand the different motivations, depending on the generation to which each interviewee belongs?

It is important to make it clear what the challenges of the position and the company, the Projects career, the culture of flexibilityhe work-life balancethe health benefits and the type of leadership sought.

We suggest considering this exercise from the first meeting, in the survey of the profile with the headhunterto ‘sell’ adequately to the candidates the company’s proposal and attract them from the beginning.

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It is essential to seek that the conversations in the interviews point to a mutual election candidate – companybeyond validating the technical aspects of the position. Making sure that it is really the applicant, the line (direct manager) and the human resources area, who mutually choose that incorporation.

  • Achieve assertive interviews.

train the leaders of the line on how to interview effectively, is a key point to consider. For this it is essential to provide trainings about how to deal with process conversations with new generations of professionals.

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  • Show the company the real alternatives offered by the market.

Many times the candidates who appear in a recruitment process may not cover the original customer expectations. In these cases, one must have the trust enough to transmit what is happening in the meetings, both to the human Resources like the line

Among other issues, it is essential to talk about the interest of the profiles for a changethe wage claimsthe motivation to new projectsand even about the fame in the market that makes a company attractive.

If the market does not produce profiles that are interesting for the company, it is necessary to have complex conversations To generate changes in the value proposition or in the definition of the profileand manage to attract the suitable professionals.

  • Identify the motivations of the candidate in the first interviews.

The key is to ask what really motivates youtaking into account that most of the professionals are not motivated solely by a salary jump. They are also attracted to a innovative company culturea better work-life balancea teamwork spirita trust environmentor perspectives of a further professional development.

In this sense, if we are conversing with a person to understand if he does cultural fit with the company, and you don’t, question whether we could eventually move forward anyway, so that I can provide you with a different look at the organization.

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A new work context

Today the success of a recruitment process happens not only to find the suitable profiles for each search and selection process. Considering the talent shortagealso involves the ability to show alternatives to clients and candidates, convincing each of the parties that it is the change they needfor continue to grow and add value.

By David Altonaga, Business Manager, with the collaboration of Luciana Altman, Senior Consultant (NUMAN – Industrial Headhunter).-

Source: Ambito

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