Social disagreement: what is the gap between politics and society?

Social disagreement: what is the gap between politics and society?

At the crossroads of history, a desolate panorama emerges. Society, that amalgamation of individuals with dreams and desires, is in a state of palpable exhaustion, as it watches with bewilderment as politics sails in the opposite direction. This dissonance between citizen desires and the decisions of those in power has created an abyss that threatens to tear apart the social fabric.

The disagreement is a murmur that becomes a scream, a lacerating sensation of desperation that takes over every corner of society. At a time when trust in institutions and their representatives should be the pillar of a healthy democracy, a wall of disillusionment is rising.

Anguish is the soundtrack of those who feel that their voices fall on deaf ears, that their concerns are relegated to the background while politics advances on a path alien to their true needs. The feeling of helplessness is palpable, as if each citizen were a drop in the ocean, unable to influence the political tide.

The saturation

Saturation is the result of the constant bombardment of news, of speeches that promise change but that rarely translate into palpable actions. It is the weight of unfulfilled promises, of partisan interests that seem to take precedence over collective well-being.

Society sees with dismay how political debates focus on superficial issues, while real problems fade on the horizon. The gap between political discourse and everyday reality becomes increasingly wider, generating a feeling of alienation and detachment.

Emotion management and reconnection

Faced with this bleak panorama, it is imperative to seek ways of reconciliation between politics and society. Emotion management becomes a fundamental tool in this process. It is necessary to recognize and validate frustrations and disappointment, channeling these energies into constructive action.

Dialogue, transparency and empathy must be the pillars on which a new understanding is built. Political leaders must remember that their mandate emanates from the people and that their responsibility is to faithfully represent their interests.

Society, for its part, must remain vigilant and active, demanding that its representatives rise to the occasion. Citizen participation should not be limited to the ballot box, but should permeate every facet of public life.

In short, the disagreement between politics and society is a wake-up call that cannot be ignored. The anguish and saturation that take over society are signs of a system that requires deep introspection and reform. It is time to build bridges, to reach out and listen to the voices that have been relegated to the margins. Through the management of emotions and constructive dialogue, we can begin the path towards a society in which politics and citizens walk together towards a more promising future.

Co-founder of Emotions Gym.

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