the fear to the freedom

the fear to the freedom

Man, the more he gains freedom, in the sense of his emergence from the primitive indistinct unity with others and nature, and the more he transforms into an individual, the more he finds himself in the dilemma of uniting himself with the world in the spontaneity of the love and creative work”.

This idea arises from the book Fear of Freedom, published in 1947, by Erich From, a highly prestigious American writer and psychologist.

We Argentines are about to begin to experience a stage of economic, political and legal deregulation of our daily lives, eliminating obstacles and removing the shadow cast by a STATE, which is involved in all facets of our lives.

That change is going to represent an unimaginable and phenomenal transformation. But like any change, it will bring with it fear in many sectors of our population, fear due to the uncertainty of a new way of life, unknown and unthinkable as one’s own life.

Uncertainty due to an uncertain future in a scenario that changed scenery and conditions for the story to develop.

Many Argentines have traveled to advanced countries in the world where freedom reigns and we have been, of course, direct witnesses and spectators of the very high quality of life that exists in those societies.

These days, the National Congress, which represents the people and the provinces, will sanction one of the largest political reforms in national history, under the journalistic name of “omnibus law.” The changes that arise from there cover all fields of Argentine economic, political and social life.

Beyond the setback of the government that eliminated the “Fiscal Chapter” of it, to lower the level of resistance and facilitate its sanction.

It brings peace of mind to know that what is being debated is what is current in the world and what is already PROVEN AND SEEN to work and give results for a better life, for the multiplication of the wealth and well-being of a nation.

But all of us who are linked to productive or service activities, without a doubt, must support these initiatives of change and liberation of productive forces, providers of services and solutions to production, creators and generators of wealth and value.

However, we must also take note and be careful with “dumping” and “trust” or monopolies. There is the Achilles heel of this model.

These two factors are the main concerns in advanced nations where freedom policies have been in force for decades and are the main collateral damage or unwanted problem that a lifestyle such as the proposed one brings.

Of course, both problems can be mitigated if the corresponding political decisions and public policies are addressed, Argentines are going to do well. Because for the first time in more than a century, we will face policies that do not go against the world.

Argentina is the talent of its people, productive force, all the climates, all the geography and all the power to be a “great developed” and full nation. Argentines to things!!!

Graduate in Communication Sciences. Consultant and Political Analyst

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