Canteens warn that the Nation has not yet sent items amid the change in the assistance system

Canteens warn that the Nation has not yet sent items amid the change in the assistance system

The measure is very detrimental to the canteens because in recent months the crisis has deepened, as a result of the inflationary accelerationwhich between December and January did not drop below 20% monthly, after the elections and the devaluationand in the midst of an attempt to begin deregulate the economy.

Javier Milei’s government did not send items to any dining room. He doesn’t care that 10 million people receive food assistance“he denounced María Claudia “Negra” Bathrobe of The Powerful Throat.

According to the data of the Citizen Budgetthe super portfolio he manages Pettovello did not execute a single peso of the budget items in Food Policies, nor in Promoting Work.

Canteens: what will the new system for sending items be like?

From the Ministry of Human Capitalreported that the dining rooms will stop receiving food And through a card, they will receive a direct “monetary transfer”. However, There is still no certain date for this implementation..

The discretionary dry food delivery system was terminated to implement the direct monetary transfer modality to soup kitchens and associations without intermediation.“, clarifies the text released this Tuesday and adds: “We want to end poverty managers“.

Canteens: Children’s Defenders presented legal action so that the delivery of food to canteens is not stopped

After the Ministry of Human Capital decided to make changes in deliveries to the dining rooms and items will not be sent in December and January, Defenders of Children presented a judicial action.

The Defender Marisa Graham and the Deputy Defender Juan Facundo Hernandez They filed a legal action requesting a ban on “innovation”, which they reported is “with the aim of not suspending, in the transition to a new type of food assistance, the delivery of dry food to dining rooms and picnic areas throughout the national territory.“.

Canteens: after the changes in the system, how was the Ministry managed?

As there is no implementation date for transfers through cards, from Human capital communication is dilated. Even the same Minister Petovello told the protesters that she was willing to “care for people who are hungry”but “not to the referents” of social organizations.

About this particular fact, Albornoz said: ““Today we went to Congress with some colleagues from UTEP and the minister came out to say that she is going to attend to the people who are hungry one by one.”.

“You have no idea that in Argentina there are 10 million people who receive assistance from community soup kitchens and picnic areas. Is the minister going to serve 10 million people? She doesn’t know the reality. On top of that, they later repressed with gas“Albornoz launched.

Meanwhile, since Standing Neighborhoods They confirmed to this medium that they were also in Congress and that there they “repressed them and threw gases” and they were unable to respond to this means.

There is still no communication from officials about what the system that will replace it will be like.“, they pointed out from the Polo Obrero.

Regarding the number of people served in the dining rooms (10 million), Albornoz specified that the calculation arises from the number of cafeterias registered in ReNaCom during the administration of Alberto Fernandez. At that time, “There were 35,000 dining rooms and picnic areas and 140,000 people working to prepare food. with merchandise that was sent from the Ministry of Social Development“he explained.

Audits in community kitchens

Furthermore, since Human capital They stated that with the objective of “transparenting food policy”, they are auditing the dining rooms social workers who receive aid in merchandise.

Its existence can be corroborated, its operation controlled, a list of beneficiaries obtained and the infrastructure for the number of declared beneficiaries verified.“, they held the wallet.

In that sense, Albornoz, from La Garganta Poderosa, said: “We want to be audited, but not to be bullied. Hunger is urgent. The food emergency is urgent and necessary and is neither in the DNU nor in the omnibus law“.

Food debt comes from the previous Government, but with the acceleration of inflation it deepened

Likewise, the different references of the community kitchens They highlighted that the problem of sending items to the canteens is not new. During the government of Alberto Fernandez, Assistance began to dwindle and now, in Milei’s administration, the crisis deepened.

“We have not received merchandise since last months of Alberto Fernández’s administration and much less now“he assured Patricia Amante of the Worker Pole from Jujuy. In addition, He pointed out against the provincial government and assured that they did not send him items either.

From The Powerful Throat They stated that the previous administration owed them 1,000 tons of dry food. “Even so, inflation was not as red-hot as it is now, that must also be taken into account to see that the current situation is desperate,” he highlighted.

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