Pros & Cons: Do we need the beer party?

Pros & Cons: Do we need the beer party?
“It would be like going to parent-teacher conference without having a child.” – Beer Party leader Dominik Wlazny defends non-participation in meetings of the district commissions, where the Beer Party has no voting rights. “I probably won’t be able to work as an artist to this extent anymore if I manage to move in.” – The doctor wants to be more of a politician than a musician in the future.

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Christoph Zöpfl

Head of sports department

Beer here!

With the candidacy of a fun party, Austria is following a trend that has already established itself in many countries. In Reykjavik 14 years ago, a comedian was elected mayor who, among other things, promised a polar bear for the zoo during the election campaign. In Italy, the Five Star Movement, founded by satirist Beppe Grillo, even became the governing party. Our political professionals, trained in the party’s own cadre forge, no longer reach many people, otherwise non-voters would not be the strongest group in many elections. Guys like Dominik Wlazny mobilize people who are tired of democracy and perhaps get the old parties to rethink their habits. So: bring on the beer!

Wolfgang Braun

Wolfgang Braun

Deputy editor-in-chief, head of political department

Disgraceful without?

Basically, it’s nice when a new movement wants to become politically active and is considering running in the National Council election. This also applies to the beer party, which has so far been a solo effort by the friendly and relaxed Dominik Wlazny alias Marco Pogo.

This brings us to the core of the problem. The entire Beer Party movement doesn’t give the impression of wanting to get involved because of clearly defined political goals, but rather on a whim. Wlazny has completed a medical degree, is a punk musician – what else could he do? Yes, politics, let’s try that too. That’s kind of what it looks like. Nothing wrong with a little insult in politics, on the contrary. But when it’s all about the abuse, you run out of it.

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