War in Ukraine: German government increases Bundeswehr readiness

War in Ukraine: German government increases Bundeswehr readiness

In order to be able to act as quickly as possible, parts of the Bundeswehr have been put on increased readiness. However, NATO troops should not be deployed in Ukraine.

In view of the war in Ukraine started by Russia, the Federal Ministry of Defense has increased the readiness of the Bundeswehr. NATO had previously demanded this from its member states.

“So-called national alarm measures” were triggered, said the house of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) on Thursday. In particular, it is about preparations for the relocation of the approximately 50,000 soldiers, the NATO intervention force. According to the Bundeswehr, it has almost 14,000 members of the “NATO Response Force”. “The assigned (assigned; editor’s note) Troops must now be ready for departure in a much shorter time,” the Bundeswehr said.

“Bundeswehr is prepared”

“The Bundeswehr is prepared and is currently increasing its readiness. This also means that the population may be able to perceive more military movements in public space in the next few days,” said the Ministry of Defense.

In the morning, NATO had already activated its defense plans for Eastern Europe. According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, however, no troops from the western defense alliance are deployed in Ukraine, and this is also not planned.

Defense Minister Lambrecht, meanwhile, condemned the invasion of Russian troops into the neighboring country as a “drastic breach of international law” that caused “terrible suffering”. She called on the Russian President: “Withdraw your troops immediately!”

The western community of states has announced that it will react to the Russian invasion with tough sanctions.

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