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Mercenary group Wagner: What makes the Russians so successful in Africa

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In the Ukraine, the Wagner mercenary group is fighting in Bachmut, among other places. But the Russians are also active in other regions of the world, especially in West Africa. The open-source movement “All Eyes on Wagner” monitors its activities there – with astonishing results. An interview.

The activities of the Russian Wagner mercenaries, primarily in Africa, have been documented for almost a year. Wagner is present there in several countries, and mercenaries are repeatedly accused of human rights violations – in the village of Moura in Mali alone, Wagner people are said to have massacred at least 300 people in March 2022.
Sophie is one of the employees of “All eyes on Wagner”. She comes from France, comes from the open source movement, but Sophie is not her real name. For security reasons, she would like to remain anonymous in the digital public.

How do the mercenaries of the Wagner troupe work in West Africa? Is there a specific modus operandi?

Source: Stern

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