How Donald Trump wanted to stay in power

Many media outlets are calling Donald Trump’s behavior after his election defeat last November an attempted “coup”. The loser in the US presidential election therefore spread targeted lies about alleged “election fraud” and tried to persuade Vice President Mike Pence and his ministers to undo the defeat.

Now the Judiciary Committee in the Senate published a detailed report on Trump’s attempts not only to doubt the election result, but also to reverse it. Accordingly, the then president is said to have asked the Ministry of Justice nine times to find ways to do this.

The loser in the election and his then chief of staff Mark Meadows are said to have repeatedly put pressure on a lawyer at the Ministry to investigate unsubstantiated allegations of “election fraud”. Trump also tried to fire then Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen after the election. “The last step was then to let go of the mob and rush to the Capitol, where we counted the votes that day,” said committee chairman, Democrat Dick Durbin, of the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

The Republicans refuse to accept the Judiciary Committee’s report. Senator Chuck Grassley, senior Republican on the panel, has now released an alternate version. It says that Trump always listened to his political advisers and employees. The former US president was only concerned because there were reports of “crimes” in connection with the election.

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