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House of Representatives election: Survey: CDU is clearly ahead a week before the Berlin election

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The repeat election will take place in Berlin in a week. However, the polls paint a very different picture than in the 2021 election.

A week before the parliamentary elections are repeated in Berlin, the CDU is still well ahead of the Greens and SPD, according to a new survey. According to the representative survey by the opinion research institute forsa for the “Berliner Zeitung” (Monday), the Christian Democrats currently have 26 percent. They are followed by the Greens (18 percent) just ahead of the SPD (17 percent). The left ends up in this survey at 12 percent, the AfD at 10 percent. According to the survey, the FDP must tremble about entering the House of Representatives, it stands at 5 percent.

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Berlin’s CDU boss Kai Wegner gave a black-green cooperation at the weekend in the “Tagesspiegel” as it were a rejection. He justified this with plans by the Greens to want to remove half of the parking spaces in the capital – that was “a unilateral policy against the car,” said Wegner.

Greens top candidate Bettina Jarasch reacted promptly to the statements of the CDU boss: “After rejecting a diverse city, the CDU is now also canceling the mobility turnaround,” said the transport senator. Jarasch had already been very critical of a possible coalition with the CDU at the beginning of January.

In the 2021 election, the CDU came third

In the 2021 House of Representatives election, the SPD had achieved 21.4 percent. The Greens were in second place with 18.9 percent, followed by the CDU with 18.0 percent. At that time, the left received 14.1 percent, the AfD 8.0 and the FDP 7.1 percent. Because of the many mistakes and problems with the election, the Berlin Constitutional Court ordered a complete rerun, which will take place on February 12th.

Election polls are generally subject to uncertainties. Among other things, declining party ties and increasingly short-term voting decisions make it difficult for the opinion research institutes to weight the data they collect. In principle, surveys only reflect the opinion at the time of the survey and are not a forecast for the outcome of the election.

Source: Stern

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