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Lausitz: Habeck praises the structural change – and has a big “check” in his luggage (video)

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Watch the video: Habeck praises structural change in Lusatia – and has a big “cheque” in his luggage.

STORY: Demonstrating members of the mining, chemical and energy industrial union in the Black Pump Industrial Park in Spreetal/Spremberg in Lusatia. Shortly before the arrival of Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck at the lignite site, they made it clear on Wednesday that the government should deliver. For his part, the minister had a notification of allocation of around 28.5 million euros, structural strengthening funds from the federal government, for a real laboratory of the energy transition in his luggage. An innovative hydrogen storage power plant is to be built by 2025. Green hydrogen is to be produced with electricity from wind and sun. This means that energy can be stored in the future and made available when required. “What is happening here is remarkable, because people are getting involved. LEAG is changing at a breathtaking pace. The plans that we have heard, expansion of solar and wind, seven gigawatts, four gigawatts of hydrogen-capable power plants that are in the approval process . That’s remarkable and more. And all of that by 2030.” The minister also explained: “In addition to the existing funding opportunities for hydrogen-capable power plants, we will launch further this year and hopefully get them modified and then put them out to tender in 23.” Thorsten Kramer, head of the energy group LEAG, said that the date for the coal phase-out, 2038, was out of the question for him: “We have a common goal: the conversion to renewable energies while at the same time ensuring security of supply. Lusatia has the best prerequisites for this and the concept “, that’s what LEAG has. We are all committed to the goals of the energy transition, no ifs or buts. But we also see you, the politicians, who are fortunately here today, as having a duty to keep promises and create reliable framework conditions.” Habeck wants to phase out coal by 2030. The Minister visited the LEAG district in Lusatia, as well as the medium-sized company PEWO in Elsterheide, which provides concepts for heating and drinking water heating using regenerative energies. He also drove to Klettwitz, where the large-scale photovoltaic system “Energy Park Lausitz” is to be built in three construction phases.

Source: Stern

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