US presidential elections: Race for the White House: Biden could have a competitor

US presidential elections: Race for the White House: Biden could have a competitor

US President Joe Biden has not yet officially declared his candidacy for 2024, but an internal party competitor is already in the starting blocks. In 2020 she failed prematurely.

US President Joe Biden could have an internal party competitor if he runs for the White House again.

70-year-old author Marianne Williamson hinted at her bid for the presidential nomination. When asked if she was going to compete, she told Medill on the Hill: “We’re on the phone right now, but if we were on FaceTime you’d see me wink.” She then explained the reasons behind her application in the article published on Thursday. In the US, oligarchs, fossil fuel companies or arms manufacturers “suck the juice out of democracy,” she was quoted as saying by Medill on the Hill.

Williamson wanted to be in the White House for the Democrats as early as 2020. But she dropped out of the race before the party’s primaries because of poor poll numbers. There has been speculation in recent weeks that Williamson may want to run again for the Democratic nomination. The best-selling author of self-help books fueled the rumors herself. In the past, however, she has also applied for another political office as an independent. She announced an “important announcement” for the beginning of March. Should Williamson officially enter the Democratic race, their chances would be almost hopeless.

US President Biden has not yet officially announced that he intends to run again in the 2024 presidential election. However, the 80-year-old Democrat has stated his general intention in the past. He is expected to throw his hat in the ring soon. Then he should not have any significant competition within his party. Biden is currently burdened with an affair involving secret documents from his time as Vice President, which were most recently found in his private rooms. The Justice Department has assigned a special prosecutor to this.

Ex-President Donald Trump and former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, have so far applied for the presidential candidacy for the Republicans.

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