UK government aims to control Premier League

UK government aims to control Premier League
UK government aims to control Premier League

In this way, an attempt is also made to avoid the creation of state clubs, as is the case of Newcastle United, in the hands of Saudi Arabia, and Manchester City, in the hands of the United Arab Emirates. A possible acquisition of Manchester United by Qatar, which raised questions in United’s LGBTIQ+ community, would also be in question. The new control over the owners would take into account criteria hitherto unnoticed, such as respect for human rights on the part of the owner, as well as his financial capacity and the origin of his income.

With greater economic control, the Government tries to alleviate the fall from grace of many clubs in recent years. Since the creation of the Premier League in 1992, more than 60 clubs in English football have been embroiled in serious financial problems. One of the most resonant cases in recent years was that of Bury, a club created in 1885 and which was expelled from League One (English Third Division) in 2020.

In any case, this project does not convince the Premier League, which views many of the reforms with skepticism and believes that it jeopardizes the superiority of the English league compared to the rest of the European tournaments. “We appreciate the Government’s commitment to protecting the success of the Premier League. It is vital that this regulation does not harm the sport that fans love or its ability to attract investment or increase interest in our sport,” the Premier League said in a statement, recalling that it already contributes 1.7 billion euros to promote the more modest football

The Premier considers that the new regulator would take away its power and that the new restrictions on owners would scare away potential investors. “We will now work with all stakeholders to ensure that the new regulator does not lead to any unintended consequences that could affect the Premier League’s position as the most watched league in the world, reduce its competitiveness or put the unrivaled levels of funding that We are at risk,” he said. The first leader to position himself against it was David Sullivan, co-owner of West Ham United, who defined the new regulator as “a terrible idea.” “The Government is a disaster when it comes to running anything, you just have to see how they lead the country. I’m sure this regulator will have a lot of employees that will have to be paid. It’s going to be a waste of money. Surely it also increases every year ”, he opined.

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