Berlin: Thousands demonstrate for peace and call for “non-violent conflict resolution” (video)

Berlin: Thousands demonstrate for peace and call for “non-violent conflict resolution” (video)

Thousands demonstrate in Berlin under the motto “uprising for peace”.

STORY: Thousands of people demonstrated in Berlin on Saturday against the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. The politician from the party Die Linke Sahra Wagenknecht and the publicist and women’s rights activist Alice Schwarzer had called for this under the title “Rebellion for Peace”. “We wanted to demonstrate for peace. We are committed to peace and non-violent conflict resolution. And we don’t agree with what our government is doing and we want to show that on the street.” “I want negotiations to take place and we don’t want to deliver any weapons. I do hope that we somehow learned from that, Germany.” According to the police, 1,400 officers were on site to guarantee the peaceful course of the demonstration and to enforce the ban on military uniforms, right-wing extremist symbols and Russian and Soviet flags. Some demonstrators turned to the right with chants. Initially, however, the police saw no signs of the participation of right-wing groups. The protest was peaceful. His announcement had caused criticism, for example from Finance Minister Christian Lindner from the FDP. He wrote on Twitter: “If you don’t stand by #Ukraine, you’re on the wrong side of history.” Along with the United States, Germany is one of the most important arms suppliers to Ukraine.

Source: Stern

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