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Military: White House: Ukraine needs Leopard tanks, not Abrams

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US President Biden has agreed to the delivery of American Abrams tanks in the interests of “alliance unity”. For practical reasons, the delivery does not make sense, it is now said.

US President Joe Biden only approved the delivery of Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine because of pressure from Germany, according to the White House.

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“He originally decided against sending them because his military said they weren’t useful on the battlefield in this fight,” Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told ABC. German Leopard tanks, on the other hand, were said to be useful. “But the Germans told the President that they were not prepared to send these leopards into battle (…) until the President agreed to send Abrams as well,” Sullivan said.

In the interests of “alliance unity” and “to ensure Ukraine gets what it wants,” Biden agreed to long-term supply of Abrams tanks — although the Abrams are not what Ukraine needs right now, Sullivan said . “These leopards are being sent now and this is an example of Joe Biden rallying the global alliance to give Ukraine what it needs.” In the interview, Sullivan responded to a question that the Abrams tanks might not arrive in Ukraine at all this year.

Scholz before visiting Washington

Chancellor Olaf Scholz had hesitated for a long time to send German Leopard main battle tanks – until the USA, in turn, agreed to deliver Abrams tanks. Scholz always emphasizes the close coordination with the largest and most influential NATO member. The SPD politician is expected to visit the White House on Friday.

After the delivery commitment for the Abrams tanks, the USA had emphasized that this had not only served to clear the way for tank deliveries from allies. The US main battle tanks would give Ukraine an advantage on the battlefield, a Pentagon spokeswoman said after the commitment. The Pentagon had previously stated that it did not consider the provision of the Abrams tank to be practical for practical reasons. The US government is now ordering the tanks for Ukraine from industry – meaning they don’t come from the military’s own stocks. It may take time for tanks to arrive in Ukraine.

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