Donald Trump railed against Fox News because of his rival Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump railed against Fox News because of his rival Ron DeSantis
Donald Trump railed against Fox News because of his rival Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump is angry with Fox News again: The ex-president thinks his former favorite station pays too much attention to his Republican rival Ron DeSantis – and of course far too little to himself.

As is well known, Donald Trump has no problem with fake news. Apparently, this only applies if he spreads them himself or at least if they are of use to him. On the other hand, the fact that his former house and yard broadcaster Fox News – in his opinion – spreads fake news that makes him look bad goes against the grain of the former US President.

The arch-conservative broadcaster of the media entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch reports too frequently and too positively about Ron DeSantis, his possible competitor in the fight for the Republican presidential candidacy, Trump complained on his social media platform Truth Social.

Donald Trump accuses Fox News of fake news

“Fox News advertises Ron DeSanctus so heavily and so much that there isn’t much time for real news,” the 76-year-old railed, turning Santis Sanctus, the Latin word for holy. “The new Fox poll, and they’ve always been intentionally horrid to me, says ‘TRUMP crushes DeSanctimonious,’ but they barely show it.” Ron DeSanctimonious is Trump’s nickname for Florida Governor. Sanctimonious means hypocritical in German.

The behavior of Fox News reminded him of the Republican primary campaign of 2016, when the broadcaster pushed his then competitor Jeb Bush, the ex-president wrote. “Isn’t there a big, beautiful network that wants to do its job properly and also wants to make a fortune?” Trump asked, adding in capital letters: “FAKE NEWS!”

Trump’s criticism was based on a Fox News poll of registered Republicans released on Sunday, according to which the billionaire led a list of 15 actual and potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination with 43 percent. DeSantis is far behind in second place with 28 percent.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Fox News in recent months. While a number of moderators still support him there, some have signaled a growing interest in DeSantis. Other media outlets of the Murdoch empire, such as the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, also distanced themselves from their former darling after the Republican bankruptcy in the midterm elections and turned to DeSantis.

The governor is considered the rising star of Republicans. His re-election last November came with “the highest percentage of votes ever received by a Republican nominee for governor in the history of the State of Florida,” as he never tires of emphasizing himself. Many supporters of the Grand Old Party see him as the “better Trump”. “He’s a smarter version of Trump, he’s far more strategic, and he doesn’t have a hundred lawsuits on his heels,” said one Democratic party strategist.

So far, however, this enthusiasm for DeSantis has only been reflected to a limited extent in the polls. DeSantis easily outperforms all other possible and actual candidates for the Republican candidacy – but not Donald Trump. The ex-president has been far ahead of the governor in most surveys for weeks.

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