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Diplomacy: German US ambassador exchanges blows on Twitter

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There are no tanks in the supermarket – with this statement Emily Haber shares online against a US senator. He had previously harshly criticized German energy and defense policy.

The German Ambassador to the US, Emily Haber, exchanged blows with a prominent US Republican on Twitter over support for Russia’s attacked Ukraine. The reason was a tweet by Senator JD Vance – he wrote: “Germany’s behavior in this war is disgraceful (…).” It is a mystery why American taxpayers subsidize Germany’s “idiotic” energy policy and “weak” defense policy.

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Haber then wrote: “We are Ukraine’s largest arms supplier in the EU. Our imports of Russian energy have fallen to zero.”

Haber wrote on Monday that Germany would also spend the billions of euros made available for defense. There was a “strategic change” in Germany, “almost overnight”. “But you can’t buy tanks at Costco,” Haber continued. Costco is an American wholesale chain. With her answer, Haber apparently referred to the “turning point” announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz a year ago, in which 100 billion euros are to be made available for the Bundeswehr. So far, only a small portion of this money has been withdrawn.

The Republican Vance didn’t let Haber’s answer sit down: “If your policy hadn’t been to make yourself dependent on Russia for energy supplies and to dodge your NATO contributions for two decades, you wouldn’t be buying tanks from Aldi. ” Haber then accused Vance of not responding to her arguments at all. The best-selling author Vance was elected to the US Senate for the US state of Ohio in November. He published his memoir Hillbilly Elegy in 2016. The bestseller gives an insight into a layer that made the election victory of former President Donald Trump possible.

Finally, the former US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, joined the debate and accused Haber of having lobbied in Congress against the sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This encouraged Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin to start a war in Europe. “You should apologize to the American taxpayers and not attack US senators,” wrote Grenell, who had made few friends in political Berlin during his time in Germany. Trump sent Grenell to Berlin in 2018.

Source: Stern

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