Islamism: attack planned in Frankfurt – 18-year-old arrested

Islamism: attack planned in Frankfurt – 18-year-old arrested

According to the State Criminal Police Office, he was planning an Islamist attack in Frankfurt am Main: On the way to the IS terrorist militia, an 18-year-old was arrested on the border with Austria.

Hessian investigators arrested an 18-year-old man on the German-Austrian border near Passau, who is said to have planned an Islamist-motivated attack in Frankfurt. The Moroccan wanted to travel to Iraq to join the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group there, the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Wiesbaden and the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt announced on Thursday.

The man is suspected of having prepared a serious act of violence that endangers the state. Among other things, he reportedly obtained blueprints for explosive and incendiary devices. Accordingly, he also wanted to get a fully automatic weapon in order to kill as many people as possible in his attack. The authorities had been tracking the 18-year-old, who grew up in Germany, since the summer.

During a first house search last August, IS flags, among other things, were seized. Undercover investigators later found out that the man initially gave up his planned attack for fear of being discovered. Instead, he wanted to join IS to “slaughter” infidels and fight state institutions,” the statement said.

After a car drive monitored by the LKA, the suspect was arrested on Wednesday shortly before reaching the border at a motorway rest area near Passau. He should come before the magistrate in Frankfurt on Thursday.

Source: Stern

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