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Crime: Woman describes Lauterbach as “mentally ill” – charge

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Federal Health Minister Lauterbach is confronted with hate comments and death threats almost every day. Now a Berliner has to answer to the judiciary.

A Berliner is to come to court because of a hate comment on Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD). The public prosecutor’s office accused the 46-year-old of insult and public incitement to commit crimes, as the Berlin authorities announced on Friday.

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According to the allegation, the woman agitated against the minister under an Internet post in the “Tagesschau” in October 2022 in the publicly accessible comment forum. She described Lauterbach as “mentally ill” and demanded his death. The article dealt with the federal government’s considerations regarding the legalization of cannabis. It was initially unclear whether and when there would be a trial before the Tiergarten district court.

Source: Stern

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