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Ski team event with only six nations: Austria comes third

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Julia Scheib
Image: gepa
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Due to the disappointing number of participants and a bye, Austria skiers start directly in the semi-finals, which are lost 1:3 against Norway.

In the duel for third place, Franziska Gritsch, Fabio Gstrein, Julia Scheib and Adrian Pertl put Germany 4-0 in their place. Victory goes to Norway’s team, who beat Switzerland in the final (2-2) thanks to the better time.

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“At the World Cup there were 16 teams, so it’s an exciting thing. If you only have six teams without the top stars at the start at the final, then that’s questionable,” said Marko Pfeifer, the men’s racing director in the ÖSV, before the race. “You have to think about whether you need that in a final.”

Source: Nachrichten

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