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The super dollar loses ground before the recovery of the euro

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the dollar falls on Friday, March 17, after the US government and banks launched a lifeguard to a regional financial entity in difficulty to alleviate the market tensionrestoring some confidence to investors.

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The rescue of First Republic Bank in the United States on Thursday boosted risk appetite around the world on Friday, as Worries about global banks waninggiving way to increases in the Australian and New Zealand dollars.

“As long as we don’t get other negative headlines about the banking sector, or someone’s collapse, we could see a bit of risk, equities rising, treasuries falling part of their gains and the dollar rolling in a combination of rising relief and cutting positions,” said Michael BrownTraderX strategist.

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He dollar index it loses 0.2%, to 103,927 units, driven mainly by the strength of the euro and the yen.

He euro improves 0.2% to $1.0622 and against the pound sterling rises 0.2% to 87.75 pence against the euro. So far this week, the euro has struggled to advance against the dollar and has lost 0.8% against the British currency.

The pound rises 0.12% against the dollar and reaches US$1.21, while the Swiss franc improves 0.35%. Earlier in the week, the Swiss franc suffered its biggest drop against the dollar in one day since 2015when the central bank eased the parity of its currency.

He and inwhich also tends to benefit in times of extreme volatility or stress in the marketsrises 0.5%, to 133.13 units per dollar, accumulating a weekly rise of 1%.

He Australian dollarwhich tends to perform best when investors are feeling optimistic, was up 0.8% at $0.6707, while the kiwi rose 0.9% to $0.625.

Source: Ambito

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