Head of Government: Scotland: Sturgeon officially resigns

Head of Government: Scotland: Sturgeon officially resigns

Resignation as Scottish Prime Minister: Long-time SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hands over the post to Humza Yousaf, who will become the first Muslim to lead the Scottish government.

The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has King Charles III. officially offered her resignation. The politician from the Scottish National Party (SNP) said on Twitter that she had left Bute House, the Scottish seat of government, for the last time. “Next stop: Scottish Parliament to vote for Humza Yousaf as Scotland’s sixth ‘First Minister’.”

The 52-year-old is stepping down at her own request after more than eight years at the head of the Scottish government. She was popular to the last, but did not achieve her greatest goal – the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom.

The 37-year-old Yousaf was elected the new party leader by the members of the SNP. The election to the head of government in the Scottish Parliament today is considered a formality. With the previous Minister of Health, a Muslim has taken over for the first time in the northernmost part of Britain with around 5.5 million inhabitants.

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