Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia: Representation in Syria resumes work

Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia: Representation in Syria resumes work

Saudi Arabia’s severing of diplomatic relations with Syria was seen as a protest against the brutal crackdown on its own people. Now Assad has taken an important step out of isolation.

In the course of the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Syria, the diplomatic representation of the influential Gulf state is to resume its work in the civil war country. The statement by the Saudi Foreign Ministry on Tuesday evening did not indicate whether this was the embassy. The announcement came days after Syria’s return to the Arab League on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia cut ties with Syria in 2012 and recalled its ambassador. The severing of diplomatic relations was seen as a protest against the Syrian government’s brutal actions against its own people in the civil war. After years of the ice age, the two countries have recently been getting closer again and recently negotiated the resumption of consular services.

At the weekend, the foreign ministers of the Arab countries ended the isolation of President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government and decided to return the country to the Arab League. Syria was expelled from the organization in 2011 because of the brutal crackdown on its own people.

Syrian government troops had violently put down protests in the country at the time. The uprisings developed into a civil war that has continued to this day, in which more than 350,000 people lost their lives. Assad has been charged with crimes against humanity, including the use of chemical weapons.

The Syrian President used the devastating earthquakes of February 6 in Syria and Turkey to increasingly appear publicly again.

The rapprochement between Riyadh and Damascus is seen as another major political shift in the region. In March, the two rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran announced a resumption of bilateral relations, which at the same time increases the chances of the conflict in Syria easing. Alongside Russia, Iran is President Assad’s most important ally. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has long supported rebels in the Syrian civil war.

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