Bremen: Greens top candidate Schaefer announces withdrawal

Bremen: Greens top candidate Schaefer announces withdrawal

In the election in Bremen, the Greens lost a lot of votes. Environment Senator Maike Schaefer is now drawing consequences from this.

After her party’s loss of votes in the Bremen elections, Greens’ top candidate Maike Schaefer has announced her withdrawal from the Senate. “As the top candidate, I am drawing the conclusion from this result yesterday and will no longer be available as a senator for the coming legislative period,” said the former environment and mobility senator on Monday in Bremen.

The Greens had suffered significant losses in the state elections on Sunday in Bremen. According to the extrapolation of the state returning officer from the night, the Greens have 11.7 percent of the votes. In the 2019 general election, they still reached 17.4 percent.

Criticism of Maike Schaefer for her traffic experiments

The 51-year-old Schaefer was the parliamentary group leader of the Greens in the parliament until 2019, after which the biologist, who has a doctorate, became a senator for climate protection, environment, mobility, urban development and housing. At the same time she became deputy for Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD).

Schaefer’s cycle path and road traffic experiments caused a lot of criticism in the city of Bremen. At times, an otherwise four-lane street in the city center was closed to traffic. The senator also caused dissatisfaction with numerous people when she deleted the option for free short-term parking in Bremen in April. Since there was enough time for a quick trip to the bakery, the corresponding function on the parking machine was also called the “bun button”.

As chairwoman of the conference of transport ministers, Schaefer negotiated the Germany ticket on behalf of the federal states. This is considered one of their achievements.

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