Corona vaccination: 70 Bundeswehr soldiers released after refusal

Corona vaccination: 70 Bundeswehr soldiers released after refusal

According to a media report, dozens of soldiers have been dismissed from the Bundeswehr because they refused to be vaccinated against the corona virus. The CDU health expert Tino Sorge criticizes this practice.

So far, 70 Bundeswehr soldiers have been dismissed from service after refusing a corona vaccination, according to a report by “Welt”. In its Tuesday edition, the newspaper refers to a response from the federal government to a parliamentary question from the CDU health politician Tino Sorge. He criticized the actions of the armed forces.

“In connection with the refusal of the corona vaccination, 70 soldiers have so far been released from the Bundeswehr under the Soldiers’ Act,” quoted the “Welt” from the government response. Vaccination refusers in the Bundeswehr can be prosecuted for refusing to obey and must expect severe disciplinary measures up to and including removal from the employment relationship.

Corona vaccination for soldiers in the Bundeswehr has so far been mandatory

Concern was nonetheless critical: It was “questionable if the refusal of the corona vaccination led directly to dismissal from the troops,” said the CDU politician to the “Welt”. “Milder means would be possible, for example a transfer to less critical areas and additional advisory services.”

In addition, the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) and the Bundeswehr should discuss whether the corona vaccination for Bundeswehr soldiers should remain mandatory in the future. “Vaccination paved the way out of the pandemic and took the shock out of Corona. But that doesn’t have to mean that it has to remain part of the basic vaccination scheme for all time,” he pointed out.

The obligation to tolerate vaccinations in the Bundeswehr is based on the recommendations of the Stiko. It therefore includes three vaccinations for corona protection. In addition, soldiers must also accept vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza and other infectious diseases.

Source: Stern

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