Christian Mölling: The distrust surrounding Vladimir Putin is growing

Christian Mölling: The distrust surrounding Vladimir Putin is growing

According to military expert Christian Mölling, the cruise missiles supplied by Great Britain will change the war in Ukraine. With the “Storm Shadow” missiles, Russian supply routes are achievable targets.

According to military expert Christian Mölling, the violent apparatus of Russian President Vladimir Putin is under massive pressure. Mölling said on Tuesday in star– “Ukraine – the situation”, the demonstration of western unity during the European trip of the Ukrainian president was also a message to the regime in Moscow. The research director of the German Society for Foreign Relations spoke of an “overall European picture where you can say: They all want that”. This adds to the uncertainty around Putin, where the news is being picked up and developments in Ukraine are being monitored. The regime is “at least under great pressure”.

As evidence, Mölling cited, among other things, the arguments surrounding the mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigoschin, who appears to have included Putin himself in his criticism of the Moscow leadership for the first time. The leading people in Putin’s power apparatus could ask themselves “whether their skins will ever swim away” and on which outcome of the conflict they should bet. It can be observed that mistrust is increasing internally. Literally, he said: “Here we are now: that everyone looks very closely, that nobody is behind them, so that they don’t have a knife in their back.” However, the regime can only survive if the repression continues to function. “If the apparatus of violence falters, then Russia’s internal order will topple over,” the expert expects.

No military solution for Putin

Mölling saw no way for Putin to overcome his problems through military success. “I don’t see a military solution,” he says. But it doesn’t have to exist to secure Putin’s power. “It’s enough if there is a political solution that is bought by all actors in Russia.” Putin’s approval ratings among the population are obviously still high; as well as the willingness of the population to believe the messages of the propaganda.

Clear messages from European countries to Ukraine

Mölling emphasized that there were surprisingly clear messages in several European countries during President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s trip. Among these “aha moments” he counted Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s particularly clear commitment to support Ukraine, the cordial meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the meeting with right-wing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. There were “a lot of positive tones”. For Selenskyj, this is “a message that he can take home with him and that is also sent to Moscow”.

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