Last generation: Drivers attack climate activists in Berlin

Last generation: Drivers attack climate activists in Berlin

Violent attacks on climate activists in Berlin: Motorists have attacked several members of the Last Generation group, who are protesting against climate policy with road blockades.

Motorists in Berlin have used violence against activists from the climate group Last Generation. According to a dpa photographer, they pulled protesters on the A100 near the Kurfürstenstrasse exit in the morning, hit them and kicked them to prevent them from sticking. In total, activists from the last generation blocked traffic at a total of eleven locations in Berlin in the morning, according to the police.

On Thursday, activists of the last generation had already protested at 14 locations in Berlin for stronger political measures against climate change. According to the climate group, the blockades were deliberately aimed at hindering holiday traffic out of the city. “We really don’t enjoy being yelled at and dragged away by motorists,” the group wrote on Twitter on Friday. “But the government’s negligence in the face of the threat of crop failure, war and social upheaval is forcing us to take to the streets.”

Source: Stern

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