After the general election: SPD and CDU in Bremen are exploring a grand coalition

After the general election: SPD and CDU in Bremen are exploring a grand coalition

The SPD in Bremen is holding court: you can choose with whom you want to govern. So all the other parties pay her respects. Now it was the CDU’s turn.

As the strongest parties in Bremen, the SPD and CDU have spoken about the possibility of a new grand coalition. After the sounding out, both sides spoke of a constructive and interesting meeting. “We had good discussions in a very constructive atmosphere, and now we’ll see,” said Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD). CDU top candidate Frank Imhoff said it had been agreed not to disclose the content of the conversation.

The SPD state board wants to propose on Wednesday with whom a coalition should be officially negotiated. In the Bremen parliamentary elections last Sunday, the SPD got 29.8 percent, followed by the CDU with 26.2 percent.

The Social Democrats can choose their partners for forming a government: In addition to the CDU, the continuation of the alliance with the Greens and Left Party, which is unique in the West, is also an option. On Friday, Bovenschulte and the SPD state leadership spoke separately with the previous partners. However, the Greens are weakened (11.9 percent) and their state leadership does not want to run again. The Left Party roughly maintained its result (10.9 percent). On Monday, the SPD, the Greens and the Left want to explore together.

There was already a grand coalition of SPD and CDU in Bremen from 1995 to 2007. According to pre-election polls, many voters wanted a red-black alliance to tackle pressing issues such as the poor school system and crime. When it comes to internal security, the economy and transport, the SPD and CDU are close.

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